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Diversity & Inclusion is America 

An organized voice is a heard voice. “ Dr. Angela Scott

Is it possible that government leaders at times may lead from a blind spot? Do we have authentic dialogues on moving our government policies in a direction that is equitable to all? Have we truly address the issues that all citizens are Americans?

Sadly, many government leaders may lead from a lens that the government can solely operate only on the principle of business policies or their interests, so it will take a courageous conversation to get them to see the error of that path. Government is how a society organizes itself and allocates authority to accomplish collective goals and provide benefits that the community needs.

Growing Human Capital with a S.M.I.L.E., LLC is committed to coaching ALL leaders to develop policies that are inclusive of all people by identifying their hidden thoughts about diversity and offer practical solutions to change the culture in their agencies.

We know that government leaders must create laws and policies that are equitable to all. Our leadership programs and diversity training are customized to help your leaders learn and implement skills to build relational capacity resulting in a safe work environment – we coach to change the culture.